Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Dugout

It's been a few days since I've written in my blog. That's because I've been busy finishing post production on my recent episode of Beyond The Offseason and also getting ready to star in a TV pilot for a new original series called Alexis Ronan. AND...I was getting romanced by another team! Yep that's what I said. The Chicago White Sox hat was putting the moves on the Yankees hat. Let me explain...

You all know I'm a die hard Yankees fan. But I was recently invited by a friend to go see a White Sox game in Chicago. Not only that, I got to spend time with the players, coaches, trainers and the security team and I have to admit...I was tempted. I was never treated so well and given so much attention and love by a MLB team. They let me come to batting practice, gave me a tour of the stadium, the players, trainers and coaching staff all joked around with me and made me feel special, they even gave me gifts!!! I got an autographed game ball and a practice ball. And...are you ready for this...a White Sox hat! Before you go off on me, you should know I'm smart enough to not get caught wearing it. Especially after my Kate Upton rant. But I have to say, I was flattered and I will cherish it always. I'll be honest...I tried it on. I felt like I was cheating though so I took it off quickly. It was quite a day and I still play the experience back in my head over and over again.
It was tough to not fall in love. There was something about this team that made me feel good. I was treated so kind by the entire White Sox organization, that I found myself thinking about them constantly. I developed a little crush. It was a one night baseball stand that I will never forget. To my beloved Yankees...I will always love you, but you have some competition. Do you know what they let me do...after batting practice I got to sit inside their dugout! On the bench! Right where all the players sit! It was so cool and made me feel like a kid again. I was kind of sad though that my own team, the Yankees, never invited me to do the same thing. 

So here's a little bit of advice to anyone in love or in a relationship (baseball or real life) protect the ones you love. Take care of them. Make them feel special and don't give them a reason to stray. Be faithful. Sweep them off their feet and love and respect them forever. Because if you don't...someone else will. 
Thank you to the Chicago White Sox, the players, my friend, the coaching staff, trainers and the security team for making my day so exciting and for giving me something to remember for years to come. You all know who you are ;) And to that awesome player who scored me the hat and baseballs, thank you. The hat may not go on my head, but it will forever be in my heart. What a beautiful memory to leave me with. 

The quote of the day..."There's a story behind every person. Don't be too quick to judge"

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