Friday, October 23, 2015

Happy Birthday BYB Hub!

Happy Birthday BYB Hub! And if you don't know what the BYB Hub is, I'll tell you...
The BYB Hub is a place where Yankees writers everywhere come to share their passion and stories about the greatest team in baseball - the New York Yankees. It was started 1 year ago today on October 24th, 2014 by Robert Casey, founder and writer for Bleeding Yankee Blue (BYB)...which if you haven't read or checked out yet, it's a MUST! 
You can find Bleeding Yankee Blue at You will also find the BYB Hub there. It's filled with inspiring, educational and entertaining stories about baseball, the Yankees, sports related topics, and life.

It was Robert Casey's dream and vision to provide a place for other bloggers to share their work and to contribute stories about their love of the game as well as their love for the Yankees. It's the fastest growing site around and people are loving it. Not only has it provided a platform for writers both young and old, beginners and pros...It's also a place where Yankees fans support each other and unite as one.

So on this very special day, I want to thank the BYB Hub personally for giving me the opportunity to share my stories about a team I've loved ever since I was a little girl and continue to love to this day. 

The name of my blog is called "If This Yankees Hat Could Talk". I hope you check it out and I hope you like it. I'm kind of new at the blogger game, but I'm learning fast and loving every minute of it. 
Oh, and by the way, Bleeding Yankee Blue has some really great BYB gear. The tank top I'm wearing in the photo above is available on their website. You can get some other cool stuff there too. Thank you Robert Casey and the BYB Hub for always supporting me and making me feel like part of the family. 

Be sure to check out the other bloggers in the BYB Hub as well. There's some real talent on the roster. 

My final words, with the help of the Captain are...Hats off to the BYB Hub! Cheers and Happy Birthday! Here's to many more years of fun stories and memories dedicated to the Yankees. I'm honored to be a part of it. 

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