Monday, February 15, 2016

Yankees Spring Training 2016

Here comes the judge... Aaron Judge

Well it's time to get my Yankees Hat back out for the 2016 season. Actually I never put it away. The last few months have been very exciting to say the least and The Yankees Hat has been there to see it all. Oh if this Yankees Hat could talk! And it will if you know anything about my blog. For those of you who are new to my blog, my stories are told through the perspective of my Yankees Hat. I wear it wherever I go including my travels, work, on movie sets and throughout my life. What my Yankees Hat sees and experiences is beyond entertaining and always exciting. I never name names in my personal adventures but if you read my stories, you just might recognize a place or event that you were a part of. You've heard the phrase "If these walls could talk" - well the Yankees Hat has a lot more to say because it goes beyond the walls. And sometimes it stays in the room. Whatever the situation, the Yankees Hat has some great stories to tell and insight I share that I hope you enjoy. And of course, there's always talk about the New York Yankees. 
Now let's get back to baseball... Yankees spring training is right around the corner and I'm looking forward to another great experience at George M. Steinbrenner field in Tampa, Florida this year. 

This will be my second trip to spring training to cover baseball and feature stories about athletes and the Yankees. I also get a sneak peek of what's ahead for the most eminent team in baseball. My time at Spring Training last year was great. Check out the view from behind my Yakess Hat. 
The Yankees have some exciting prospects to watch this year but the one player that all eyes will be focusing on is Aaron Judge. And how could they not be... He's 6' 7", 275-lbs and one of the most exciting prospects of 2016. I read that Judge has been compared to Hall of Famer Dave Winfield and Marlins star Giancarlo Stanton. Those are some big shoes to fill but I'm confident he can do it.
Judge had 20 homers in the minors last year leading all of the Yankees Minor Leaguers and also contributed with 72 RBI's in 124 games. His size and skills put him at the top of the list for prospects to watch in 2016 for the Yankees. I look forward to Judge making his MLB debut in the Bronx. Fingers crossed it will be this year. 
He seems like a good guy on a personal level as well. Maybe the next Jeter if he keeps his head in the game and his heart on his moral code which Judge seems to do very well. At age 23, soon to be 24, Aaron Judge has a great life and family story and is humble with his focus in the right place. Baseball, family and faith. We need more good guys in baseball, and in all sports for that matter who play because they love the game and are grateful to live their dream and appreciate the opportunity while having a positive impact on society. I think Aaron Judge has what it takes to balance it all and help the Yankees win another World Series. With great power comes great responsibility. Keep your eyes on Aaron Judge. His star will shine bright. 
I was at Yankees spring training last year and saw Aaron Judge for the first time. He is truly larger than life, literally. I was with a group of friends sitting front row down the first base line right next to the dugout. We were watching the game intensely and when Aaron Judge came out onto the field the crowd couldn't believe their eyes. I remember someone saying "Look at this number 99. This kid is huge. Who is this guy". Every Yankees fan in the stadium was filled with excitement that number 99 was one of our own. I remember taking a few photos and videos. He really was a sight to see. 
Aaron Judge is back again for spring training this year and I'm looking forward to checking out his progress. So is the entire Yankees organization. I have a good feeling about the Yankees this year. I'm thinking World Series win number 28 is on the horizon. 

Now on to the personal side of my life and in my professional career. This past year has been incredible for me and my Yankees Hat. I haven't written a blog entry since last October because I've been so busy. So much has happened. I finished filming and producing a movie, and on top of that, I have 5 new projects in development that I'm really excited about. A sports series, a documentary, a book, a screenplay and a fitness project. I learned some valuable life lessons along the way and I'm enjoying every minute of what I'm doing. 
I'll close things out with one last thought on Aaron Judge. I saw somewhere on social media that his favorite quote is "Champions are made when no one is watching". There are lots of people watching but I have a feeling he will work hard and be a champion no matter what. He wears the pinstripes well and will make an outstanding Yankee. I look forward to spring training. Look for me... I'll be the girl in the Yankees Hat.  


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