Thursday, September 4, 2014

My first time at Yankee Stadium

I'm going to a Yankees game tonight in the Bronx!!! The hat is home! 

Anyone who knows me, knows I'm a die hard Yankees fan. I've loved them ever since I was a little girl. It was a tradition passed down from generation to generation in my family to love the Yanks. We all bleed Yankee blue! So you can only imagine my excitement right now. I'm counting down the hours until they yell "play ball"!

I'm in New York right now filming an episode for my new show Beyond The Offseason and a dear friend of mine, who I've known for years, surprised me with tickets to the game! I couldn't belie it. Do you know this will be my first time watching a game in the new Yankee stadium! I've been to the original Yankee stadium many times, but with all my travel the past few years and with my hectic schedule, I haven't been able to make it to a game in their new home, so this is huge for me! Not only do I get to see the new stadium, but we play Boston! And... I get to see my favorite player, Derek Jeter in his last game at home against the Red Sox! I am now part of the Farewell Captain tour. 

I have a big day on set tomorrow and still have lots to get ready. The last thing I should be doing is going to a baseball game and staying out late before a big shoot, but this is the Yankees! I'm going to be really tired tomorrow but that's ok, it'll all be worth it. I love the Yankees and I have so much respect for Derek Jeter. Who could pass up a chance like this!

I can't wait to write about my experience and share it in my blog tomorrow! I'll post lots of pictures and give you all the details. Be sure to check back. Maybe I'll catch a foul ball. Look for me down the third base line behind the Yankees dugout. I'll be the girl wearing the Yankees hat. 

The quote of the day is..."I want to thank the good Lord for making me a Yankee" - Joe DiMaggio 

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