Saturday, August 30, 2014


I woke up this morning to a text that said "Get up! Its time to tailgate!!! Meet us at the Jamaican flag"... Ahhhh College game day. Football season is back and when you're in South Bend for their home opener, a message like that is not uncommon. It was sent to me at 8:17AM... Which is also not uncommon for game day, but I didn't get the text till 11am - I'm not an early riser so I was late to the party. The tailgaters start at the crack of dawn in Irish country but this girl didn't hit the campus till 11:30am. And of course... "The Hat" was with me! 

I got ready as fast as I could, threw on my Notre Dame t-shirt, and grabbed my Yankees hat. One of my favorite things about wearing the hat is I never have to worry about what my hair looks like. It was time to get out there and party with the best of em. My breakfast ended up being a pretzel rod and a ginger beer. I was starting off slow. The rest of the group was already annihilated by the time I got there. The music was bumpin, the ND flags were flyin, and there were drinking games and leprechauns all around. My friend made this watermelon concoction which was poured into a giant watermelon. It had a tap on it and everything! It was pretty impressive. The Yankees hat decided to have a drink... Right out of the spout! It was awesome. The sights I saw that day cannot be told on a blog but lets just say, the Yankees hat knows how to keep a secret. What happens in South Bend, stays in South Bend.

I was having so much fun and it's ironic because a recent Harvard study found that South Bend is ranked 3rd for being the most unhappy city in the US... But not today my friends! And certainly not after our big win against Rice 48-17! It was a day of celebration and laughter...speaking of laughter, there was a girl I saw who was digging for cherries in this enormous glass jar with a wooden shish kabob skewer. She dropped a cherry right on her shoe and then picked it up ate it. Then I saw this guy dancing drunk in a group of people and wiped out hard on the pavement and then got right back up like a champ and kept drinking. Who does this kind of stuff? Fighting Irish fans, that's who.

The Yankees hat and I had a great time today at Notre Dame. We might take the day off tomorrow to recover and get some work done for our next big trip. Wait till you hear where we're going next! Check back soon to find out and thanks for reading my blog. 

The quote for the day... "Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder" 

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