Sunday, August 31, 2014

Church Day

Today I take the Yankees Hat off and reflect on what Sundays are all about...aside from sports. 

Today is Sunday and that also means it's church day. Or at least my version of church day. Sometimes church is just about being still and spending some one on one time with God.

Do you ever wonder what it would look like if Jesus had a twitter account? If He used Instagram or was on facebook? What would His accounts look like? Who would he follow? Who would follow him? I bet you would be surprised. And if you pissed him off, would he click "unfollow" or "unfriend" you? No way. Jesus is awesome and He loves everyone. I'd love to see what his posts would look like. What pictures would he put up for everyone to see? I wonder if he would tag people in a group tailgate photo. Or take a crazy selfie right before he does the ALS ice bucket challenge. And when he added his family members to his profile would he put God alongside Mary and Joseph? You and I, and the entire world would be listed as his brothers and sisters. Wow that would be amazing to see Jesus on social media! He might even bypass Justin Bieber or Katy Perry on twitter. Remember when Ellen broke twitter the day she took the infamous selfie at the Oscars...I can only image what Jesus would do with an epic post or pic. If Jesus were on social media today, what would his selfies look like? What would he use as his twitter avatar or Facebook profile picture? Most importantly, I wonder if I would be in any of his photos and what he would use as a hashtag? And of course...would he have the mighty blue check mark next to his name on twitter to say that he is verified. 

Just a little something to think about. 

Our world is crazy right now, and our schedules are so hectic and stressful. We hardly have time for anything. Including God. Today I made time for Him and I hope you do too. We should all try to be a little more loving, forgiving and understanding. Maybe if Jesus was on social media today we would actually listen to Him. We could all use a good teaching and a dose of unconditional love. I challenge you to take this Sunday and every Sunday to set aside just 5 minutes to breathe, give thanks to God, and realize that there's someone out there who cares. And if you're going through a tough time right now and think that God has abandoned you, I can assure you He has not. The Lord works in mysterious ways and He sometimes uses the strangest people or things to let us know He loves us and is listening. Happy Sunday everyone. I hope your day is blessed and thanks for spending the day in "church" with me. 

The quote for the day... "People who struggle to spend time with God don't have a scheduling problem, they have a love problem". 

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