Saturday, August 23, 2014

If this hat could talk: 8/23/2014

So I'm sitting in this sports bar in Boston watching the Yankees play the White Sox. Yep, that's what I said...I'm watching a Yankees game in Boston. And guess what...I'm wearing my Yankees hat! I wear this Yankees hat literally everywhere. It's my favorite hat and my favorite MLB baseball team. I rarely leave home without it. It's been on my head at a White Sox game recently when I was in Chicago and now I'm wearing it in enemy territory. I'm not afraid either. I love it. I wear it with pride and I think it's funny when people comment on it in the forbidden zones. Most of the people are nice because let's face it, who's gonna be mean to a petite blonde in skinny jeans, heels and a t-shirt wearing a Yankees hat with a big smile. This hat has been with me on so many trips and has been to places no other hat has gone. So I decided It's time this hat had a voice. If you love sports, traveling and a girl who has some crazy stories to tell, then you're gonna love "If this Yankees hat could talk". 

I grew up watching and loving the Yankees. I was born into a Yankee family and it's the only team we cheered for in our house. As a girl who grew up as a tomboy playing sports, having a baseball cap on my head became part of my life as well as my fashion statement. You rarely see me without my Yankees hat on. I only take it off when I'm on set working, going through the security check at the airport or going to sleep. I really love this hat so it made sense to start a blog about it and to share my life and experiences from a different perspective. 

A little background on me...I'm in the entertainment business. I started modeling at the age of 16 and then got into acting. I'm still currently in the biz and I also have my own sports show called Beyond The Offseason ( I travel like crazy, I know a lot of people and athletes and sports are a big part of my life. I have some fascinating stories and most of them my beloved Yankees hat has been with me. Oh, if this hat could talk... And it's about to. 

I've never written a blog before so hang in there with me until I get the hang of this. I promise you'll be highly entertained and blown away at some of the things I share. I've been told many times I should write a book about my life but this seems much easier and a lot more fun. If you love sports, athletes, travel and life lessons, stay tuned and together we will see where the Yankees hat ends up next. 

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