Friday, August 29, 2014

The Yankees Hat, Caddyshack and Notre Dame

Being the sports lover that I am, and South Bend being my hometown, I thought it would be appropriate to spend some time in Notre Dame country for their home opener against Rice. It's that time of year again...Football season! And even though my Yankees hat is all about baseball, this blog is all about where this hat has been and the stories it has to tell. So last nights experience was interesting enough to make it into my blog today.

I met some friends out at a local bar near the Notre Dame campus where nothing but college drunks surrounded us. It was 2AM so it's not a shocker that everyone was in rare form. The night was going great until this nut job came up to our table and started babbling and making no sense at all. His questions were bizarre and at one point he started to get aggressive and pretty obnoxious. I'll be honest, he was making me nervous. It felt like that firecracker scene from Boogie Nights. I thought for sure someone was gonna end up taking a swing. The guy eventually left and we were all saved by the 3am "lights on you're being kicked out" routine by the bouncers and cops. Ahhhh to be back in "The Bend". When you're in South Bend for a Notre Dame home game it's never a dull moment. 

We all brought the party back to a friends house and after a few Molson's, a round of "What Movie...Whose Line", it was time to kick back and end the night with a movie. There it was! An all time classic, a real beauty...Caddyshack! We had to watch it. The hi light was the massage scene with Chevy chase (Ty Webb) and "Lacy Underall". Sometimes you forget how funny that movie is until you see it again. It was a great way to end the evening. The only thing that would have been better is to have a real massage by a hot guy and sleeping in until 2:00 in the afternoon the next day! Haha a girl can dream right? 

I snapped this photo in the rain today. If you look close you'll see the bar in the back where it all began.

The quote of the day is..."There's No Place Like Home"

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  1. No matter where life takes you, there's nothing quite like the comfort and familiarity of home and hometown friends. Caddyshack is definitely a sweet nightcap. It's just as funny as it was years ago. Speaking of the scene you mention, every time I watch it I see something I didn't see before. I must have seen it a hundred times before I realized Ty took a bunch of Perrier and refilled one bottle. Good stuff."Feel good? I feel like a hundred dollars."