Monday, August 25, 2014

I ended up in the trunk of a taxi - 8/25/14

I ended up in the trunk of a taxi in the Hingham Shipyard!

Yes, that's exactly what I said. Ok, so maybe it wasn't mafia style and it wasn't technically a locked trunk - it was the very back of a SUV taxi and I sat in the open trunk area where the luggage goes... We tried to cram five adults into one taxi after dinner so rather than driving for 30 minutes from the Hingham Shipyard to downtown Boston like a sardine, I quickly volunteered to jump in the trunk. I of course was wearing my Yankees hat and joked with the taxi driver that he was throwing me in the trunk for wearing it in Boston. I proceeded to scream "help I'm being kidnapped" as a joke while people were walking by and they wondered if I really was. After everyone laughed hysterically, he closed the door on me and said he would drive slow over all the bumps.

You might be wondering what I was doing down in the Hingham Shipyard. My company took me out to dinner at Wahlburgers restaurant. It was amazing!!! If fact it was the best burger I've ever had in my life! I'm serious. And if the name sounds familiar, it's because it's the burger joint owned by Mark Wahlberg alongside his brother Donnie Wahlberg, their mother Alma and brother Paul for a show on A&E. It was so Hollywood, we had to try it. There was a note posted on the front door right before you entered that said "You may be video taped or recorded" so we'll see if I make it into an episode. I was wearing "The Hat" so that will either be an open door for drama and ridicule or a snub for daring to be so bold. 

The best part is... I got my first dirty look and smart ass comment about my Yankees hat. I knew it was coming. My God, this is Boston for cryin out loud and I'm wearing a friggin Yankees hat! So here's how it went down... Our waitress Sarah (who was awesome) was so nice all through dinner. She showed us around the restaurant after we were done and she was was super cool. As we were all walking out and saying goodbye, she jokingly said with much sarcasm "what's up with the hat?" I laughed and then pulled her off to the side and said "I write a blog about wearing my Yankees hat to all the places I travel to. It's all in good fun". She smiled and then said ok. Before I left, I told her I'd mention her name - so Sarah, if you're reading this, the food was amazing, you were great, and oh... I just have one more thing... Go Yanks!!! :) lol

And the quote for the day... "Those who follow the crowd usually get lost in it." 


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