Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Yankees Hat is Still in Boston - 8/24/14

Yep we're still here. I'm on a business trip launching a skincare product that I am the name and face of. I host and model for the brand and It's been a fun trip so far. The company is very good to me and they always take good care of me when I travel for shows. We tore up Beantown last night so my hat came in handy this morning at the breakfast meeting.

There's also another Yankees game on today against the White Sox. I'm hoping for a sweep. Which brings me to a funny Chicago story... So I'm in Chicago meeting with some sports agencies about my show Beyond The Offseason. And there just happens to be a Sox game at home that week. So of course being the sports fanatic that I am, I got tickets from my friend who works for the White Sox organization and took some guys with me who worked on my crew for an episode of BTO (Beyond The Offseason). It was my gift to them for doing such a good job plus they were huge Texas Rangers fans and that's who the Sox were playing that day. Anyway, long story short, I sent a pic of myself in my Yankees hat and sent it as a joke to someone who said they were going to get me a White Sox hat to wear to the game...however something "happened" and I never got the hat so I was forced to wear my Yankees a Sox game! At first I thought this was a bad idea and I wasn't sure if I would get beat up or not. But I found it to be quite exciting and took ownership in reppin' my Yanks on another teams turf. It was pretty funny and it's kind of how this whole Yankees hat saga began. So I'd like to thank the person who was responsible for not delivering me the goods because without you, I wouldn't have had my awesome Yankees hat story at US Cellular field and I wouldn't be writing this blog. Which makes the recent Yankees win against the White Sox even sweeter! Haha. I'm good at rubbing things in. Sorry, you know it's all in good fun. 

My first photo in today's blog is the photo I sent to the "mystery person"...and to that person - If you're reading this blog post... Thank you for the great story :)  You still owe me a Sox hat. And as I sometimes say on twitter... #YouKnowWhoYouAre.

Speaking of twitter, you can flow me @TheLisaVarga 

I'm also posting a pic below of me and my crew the day I was sportin' my cap. What a fun afternoon at the ballpark! And by the way, the Texas Rangers won. 

I decided I'm gonna end each blog entry with a quote of some sort. I'm still trying to figure out this blog thing. Today's quote is: 

"Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, and sometimes in the middle of nowhere, you find yourself."

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