Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Who wore it better me or Kate Upton? - 8/27/14

Who wore it better me or Kate Upton?

Oh that's right, Kate Upton has abandoned the Yankees for her boyfriend, Justin Verlander's team the Detroit Tigers. Well fear not Yankees fans, I don't care if I was dating the hottest baseball player on the planet who plays for an opposing team, my love AND HAT will always stay true to the Yankees! I'm loyal. Anyone who knows me knows once I connect with you, I've got your back. Win or lose, good or bad, I'm there showin support. But if you want to pick Kate Upton over me that's fine. I won't cry too hard. Even though she's got millions of followers, dollars, and a career I would kill for, I think the real sports fans know who to pick...The girl who bleeds Yankee blue and who would never turn her back on her team.
Speaking of Bleeding Yankee Blue, that awesome tank top I'm wearing in the photo was a gift from my friends at Bleeding Yankee Blue - or as we like to say in twitter land #BYB. They also have a great blog so check em out sometime: They're die hard Yankees fans too. That's how we found each other. You gotta love social media and sports blogs. I hope you're liking mine :)

I'm watching the Yankees play Detroit right now as I'm writing this blog. I cant help but think I'm good luck. Ever since I started writing "If This Yankees Hat Could Talk" the Yanks have been on a winning streak! Coincidence? I think not. Plus I posted some cute pics on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook tonight so that probably helped too and is the reason why they're crushing the Tigers. I think that someone should start a #TeamLisa vs #TeamKate campaign in honor of the Yankees and let it be a lesson to Kate and all of the bandwagon jumpers and traitors everywhere who toss their team out with the garbage for a new fling. Pick a team and stick with em! I'm sure Kate is a very nice girl and for the record she's gorgeous not to mention her boobs are twice my size, so I'm sure she still has many fans. But hey, this is what she gets for being a traitor and turning in her Yankees hat for a Tigers hat. "Once a Yankee always a Yankee" Kate.

Well in case you didn't know, "The Hat" and I are back home and it feels good to relax. I didn't want you guys to get bored with just me in a Yankees hat all the time, so I thought I'd throw in a supermodel. Thank you Kate Upton. You're welcome, guys. And ladies...I have a pic for you, too! Didn't want to leave you out. Ok gentlemen, close your eyes, this one is just for the girls...

We have a big trip coming up that I'll tell you about soon. I leave in a week and the hat will be coming with me! You guys are gonna love where we're off to next!!! My Yankees hat is more excited to go there than me. Details coming soon! Be sure to check back.

It's time to go snuggle with my cats now and get back to watching the game. I'm really having fun writing this blog. I hope you guys are staying entertained and liking it as well. Thanks for spending time with me. 

Oh, I almost forgot, here's your quote for the day... "Think positive and positive things will happen."


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